Testimonies and Miracles


[The date above the mountain, August 19, 2014, is when Testimonies and Miracles started]

There are a number of Testimonies in this interactive book.  It will help you to start with the following Testimony first.

Once you are in, slowly scroll down and you can see 2 brief Emails — just before the first Testimony begins.

If you are using your convenient cell phone, turn the screen 90 degrees for an easier read.

Click on the Testimony and Miracles in the red letters and may Jesus be with you:

Testimony and Miracles



Give thanks to THE LORD, proclaim HIS greatness; tell the nations what HE has done.                  1 Chronicles 16:8 (GNB)


In the assembly of all YOUR people, LORD, I told the good news that YOU save us.  YOU know that I will never stop telling it.                   Psalm 40:9 (GNB)


GOD, YOU have taught me since I was young.  Even until today I tell about the miracles YOU do.                   Psalm 71:17 (ICB)


As high as the sky is above the earth, so great is HIS love for those who honor HIM.                   Psalm 103:11 (GNT)


Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto YOUR Name give glory, for the sake of YOUR mercy, and for the sake of YOUR truth.                   Psalm 115:1 (MEV)


Yes, HE paid attention to me, so I will always call to HIM whenever I need help.                   Psalm 116:2 (ERV)

Blessed are those who keep HIS testimonies, and who seek HIM with all their heart.                   Psalm 119:2 (MEV)

I have rejoiced in the way of THY testimonies, as much as in all riches.                   Psalm 119:14 (KJV)


A day is coming when people will sing,  “Give thanks to The LORD!  Call for HIM to help you!  Tell all the nations what HE has done!  Tell them how great HE is!  Sing to THE LORD because of the great things HE has done.  Let the whole world hear the news.”                   Isaiah 12:4,5 (GNB)


I tell you, then, the great love she has proves that her many sins have been forgiven.                           Luke 7:47a (GNT)


JESUS answered Nicodemus, “I can guarantee this truth:  No one can enter GOD’s kingdom without being born of water and THE SPIRIT.                  John 3:5 (GW)


Everyone whom MY FATHER gives ME will come to ME.  I will never turn away anyone who comes to ME, because I have come down from Heaven to do not MY own will but the will of HIM who sent ME.                   John 6:37,38 (GNT)                   


For it is not possible for us to keep from saying what we have seen and have knowledge of.                   The Acts Of The Apostles 4:20 (TBIBE)


 “How can anyone object to these people being baptized in water?  They have received THE HOLY SPIRIT the same as we did!”                  The Acts Of The Apostles 10:47 (ERV)


He will completely fool those who are on their way to Hell because they have said no to the Truth; they have refused to believe it and love it and let it Save them,                   2 Thessalonians 2:10 (TLB)


Come close to GOD, and GOD will come close to you.                   James 4:8a (NLT)


those who keep GOD’s Commands and hold fast their testimony about JESUS.                               Revelation 12:17b (NIVUK)


I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers and sisters who hold to the testimony of JESUS.  Worship GOD!  For it is THE SPIRIT of prophecy who bears testimony to JESUS.”               Revelation 19:10b (NIV)


Cincinnati, where the 1st miracle occurred  in Testimony and Miracles



In Fort Thomas, where a number of miracles occurred in Testimony and Miracles.  This is the famous tower in Fort Thomas.  (In Tower Park is “a great mountain bike trail”)

Fort Thomas


Like the bird, which welcomed me home in December in Testimony and Miracles



Like the bald eagle, which God sent down to me the next day in December in Testimony and Miracles


Like the courageous Willie the cardinal, which God sent in Testimony and Miracles.  Willie liked all varieties of Christian music (while the robins that came up on the porch to be with me, as well, preferred classical Christian music, e.g.  J. S. Bach).


Like Wilma the cardinal, which sat on my finger and ate out of my hand

Female Cardinal

Cardinals kissing


Like the playful bluejay, which would hop up and take the peanut from my hand or fancy fly by and take it precisely.



A contender for David { Whittle } as in Testimony and Miracles

I know a younger engineer from Indonesia, who admittedly let me know that his attention span has lowered considerably.  There are others I know, who have lowering attention spans.  If you participate in full with each Chapter in this Testimonies and Miracles,  your attention span should increase.

In addition to the United States of America, the European Union,  5 United States territories, 2 British territories, 2 special administrative regions of China, 1 associate country with New Zealand, the continent of Antarctica, the people, also, in other 131 nations have been reading this Testimonies and Miracles. All the families of the nations will worship You. Psalm 22:27b (VOiCE)

In one category, which has over 2 million results, God, The Father & Jesus & The Holy Spirit have promoted TestimoniesandMiracles.net to number one in the world for over 5 years!  In another category with over 70 million results, God, The FatherJesus The Holy Spirit have promoted TestimoniesandMiracles.net to # 1 in the world!!  Praise the Lord, all you nations!  Exalt Him, all you peoples!  Psalm 117:1 (MEV)

If you do not know Spanish, skip the next paragraph.

Asegúrese de hacer clic y ver https://contralasmentiras.wordpress.com/

May Jesus be with you, as He has with others, as you read and listen to TestimoniesandMiracles.net


Sing praises to The Lord!  Tell about His miracles.

Psalm 105:2 (CEV)


Praise Him with trumpets.

Praise Him with harps and lyres.

Praise Him with drums and dancing.

Praise Him with cymbals.

Praise Him with loud cymbals.

Praise The LORD, all living creatures!

Praise The LORD!

Psalm 150:3-6 (GNB)

There are a number of Christian Songs with a variety (“Variety is the spice of life”) of styles in the Chapters of Testimonies and Miracles:

Don’t get tied up with the many selections after most of the songs end, but come back to Testimonies and Miracles for the apropos best songs.

I have been asked by a man how did I know of the good songs that I put into Testimonies and Miracles.

If you are using your cell while listening to these Songs, turn the screen to 90 degrees, when a Song has video.

You don’t have to Subscribe to any Songs to listen to the Songs and/or watch them in Testimonies and Miracles.  They are free from youtube and soundcloud.


Squire Parsons lives near the Great Smokey Mountains National Park (the most visited national park in the United States).

I have met with Squire Parsons a few times and let him know there was not enough Jesus in a song he wrote, Squire changed the lyrics and was the title cut of one of his albums.

Squire Parsons won the national Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Male Singer, the  Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Baritone for 2 years, and the Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Songwriter for 5 years.

After listening to this Song, you can click on the word:  Comments (above the mountain on this page, & wait briefly for it to load).

Then, go to the bottom of the Comment Page (“Thoughts”) & click on “Older Comments” (to the left & let it load) and you can find a Comment by a Pastor (who has, also, preached in Japan and Switzerland), who, when he listened to this Song in his car, pulled over to the side of the road and cried.

This Song is that good.

Click in the arrow to hear this multi-talented Brother, Squire Parsons sing his Testimony (the Song only):


Steve Green is from Oregon.

Others and myself Sang with Steve Green in downtown Cincinnati.

He won the international Dove Award for the CCM Male Vocalist of the Year

Coordinated scenes with the Song:


This Song, “Real Thing”, is likened to page 9 in the Testimony and Miracles above.

As you will see, 4 HIM had a part in changing the deadly enemy of the United States for decades, the atheist nation, Russia, into a Christian nation, which now Prays and reads the Bible even in their public schools.

The Song, as you will see, was, also, Sung in Moscow, Russia.

Pray for Russia not to leave The Savior Jesus again for the people of Russia’s sake.

4 HIM Sang this Song before thousands of people, including fellow Christian artists, when they were awarded the international Dove Award for the #1 Group Of The Year.

4 HIM used this, their Song to headline their years later 2015 tour.



“The Citizens of these United States have every Reason for Praise and Gratitude to the God of their salvation.”,

Massachusetts Governor John Hancock

November 8, 1783

Image result for John Hancock images free

See the source image


In this Chapter 1 there are only 9 Pages — 8 of them are the Comment pages & they are loaded!

 It is best to read all of the interesting Comments, in this Chapter 1 (except for the foreign languages that you may not know).before going to Chapter 2 and the successive Chapters.

Click on the Comments box (in red next to August 19, 2014) above the mountain at the top of this page, and the Comments will load in a few moments and the Comments will appear.

Be sure to see the “Older Comments”, too, where  there are a number of famous historical people who are also Christians, including some American Presidents.


You can leave a message, and/or if you have and would like to, also, add your experience or testimony, it will inspire others around you and around the world in the work of this established in over 120 nations site, pleasing to God.

After the last Comment, you will see “Leave a Reply” and click on just below “Leave a Reply” and it should open up for your message.

If you do enter your Email in the separate rectangle box, it will not show up for the public, and you will have a patterned color only for you next to your comment.

You do not have to fill in an “Email” to leave your reply, and a plain patterned anonymous color will appear next to your Comment.

You do not have to fill in a “Website” to leave your reply.

When you are satisfied, click on Post Comment.

Every Reply or Comment will be reviewed, and your Reply (Comments Thoughts) should appear within one week.

With patience and action, may Jesus, The Christ and His peace be with you.

Your Comments will last for years & for others.


If you see an existing Comment that you would like to Comment only about, there is a little Comment rectangle button attached just below that Comment that you can click on to put your important thoughts in.



The Table of Contents:

Chapter 1, you are now in, with the 1st Testimony plus inspiration

[When completed, it may be best to click on Chapter 2 to turn to the next chapter]

Chapter 2:  Courage and about Testimonies and Miracles

Chapter 3: Helps to receive The Holy Spirit

Chapter 4: The famous Greatest Commandment Letter

Chapter 5: Experiences In Obeying The Greatest Commandment and Love

Chapter 6:  A Trusting Squirrel

Chapter 7:  Jem Dulay of The Philippines

Chapter 8:  Glen Gerhauser of Australia

Chapter 9:  The 7th Best Pilot Of The Army Air Corps Movie with Brenda Sheets Testimony

Chapter 10:  Our Christian Brothers, Sisters, and Children + hear & see the #1 Christian tenor for years, Steve Green, Sing the spectacular video “Safely Home”

Chapter 11:  Lambeth Palace

Chapter 12: Medical science has proven that Heaven and Hell after life exist right now with Dr. Divine, Dr. Rawlings, Dr. Rodonata, & Dr. Whitaker

Chapter 13:  For Christians

Chapter 14: “Legalism” & “Legalistic” and Other Twisted & False “Teachings” Exposed 



You don’t have to click in the rectangular box (at the bottom of the Pages) containing “Close and Accept” “Privacy & Cookies”.




553 thoughts on “Testimonies and Miracles

  1. It can not be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ!

    Patrick Henry
    The 1st Governor of Virginia

  2. Incline my heart unto YOUR Testimonies,
    and not for unjust gain.

    Psalm 119:36 (MEV)

    I consider my ways,
    and I turn my feet to YOUR Testimonies.

    Psalm 119:59 (MEV)

    Let those who fear YOU turn to me,
    that they might know YOUR Testimonies.

    Psalm 119:79 (MEV)

    Revive me according to YOUR lovingkindness,
    that I may keep the Testimony from YOUR mouth.

    Psalm 119:88 (MEV)

    I have more understanding than all my teachers,
    for YOUR Testimonies are my meditation.

    Psalm 119:99 (MEV)

    YOUR Testimonies are my inheritance forever,
    for they are the rejoicing of my heart.

    Psalm 119:111 (MEV)

    YOU put away all the wicked of the earth like dross;
    therefore I love YOUR Testimonies.

    Psalm 119:119 (MEV)

    I am YOUR servant; grant me understanding,
    that I may know YOUR Testimonies.

    Psalm 119:125 (MEV)

    YOUR testimonies are wonderful;
    therefore my soul keeps them.

    Psalm 119:129 (MEV)

    You have set YOUR Testimonies in righteousness
    and faithfulness.

    Psalm 119:138 (MEV)

    The righteousness of YOUR Testimonies is everlasting;
    grant me understanding, and I shall live.

    Psalm 119:144 (MEV)

    I have known of old
    that YOU have established YOUR Testimonies forever.

    Psalm 119:152 (MEV)

    My soul has kept YOUR Testimonies,
    and I love them greatly.

    Psalm 119:167 (MEV)

  3. “What are you really living for?

    Are you living for today or are you living for the eternal life?

    Are you going to care for the opinion of men here, or the opinion of GOD?

    The opinion of men will not avail us much when we get before the judgement throne,

    but the opinion of GOD will.

    Had we not then better take HIS Word and implicitly obey it?”

    At a meeting with Charles T. Studd before leaving for China as a new Christian Missionary

  4. And it came to pass,

    as they still went on,

    and talked, that,

    behold, there appeared a Chariot of Fire,

    and horses of Fire,

    and parted them both asunder;

    and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into Heaven.

    2 Kings 13:21
    The Holy Bible

  5. 27 HE is not the GOD of the dead,
    but the GOD of the living:
    ye therefore do greatly err.

    28 And one of the scribes came,
    and having heard them reasoning together,
    and perceiving that HE Had Answered them well,
    asked HIM,
    Which is the first Commandment of all?

    29 And JESUS Answered him,
    The first of all the Commandments is,
    Hear, O Israel;
    THE LORD our GOD Is One LORD:

    30 And thou shalt Love THE LORD thy GOD with all thy heart,
    and with all thy soul,
    and with all thy mind,
    and with all thy strength:
    this is the first Commandment.

    Mark 12:27-30
    The Holy Bible

  6. God is our refuge and strength, Always ready to help in time of trouble ❤
    Psalms 46:1


  7. YOU are all around me—in front of me and behind me.
    I feel YOUR Hand on my shoulder.

    even there YOU will take my hand and lead me.
    YOUR strong right Hand will protect me.

    Psalm 139:5&10 (ERV)
    The Holy Bible

  8. “I was brought up in a family where there was never any talk about God,

    However, I found that it was impossible to exist without God in one’s heart.”

    Svetlana Stalin
    Daughter of the former head of state of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) socialist Joseph Stalin,
    who murdered over 20 million of his own people.

  9. “I myself see Christianity today as the only living spiritual force

    capable of undertaking the spiritual healing of Russia.”

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn,
    who was imprisoned in a slave labor camp in Siberia in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) for 8 years by socialist Joseph Stalin;
    Solzhenitsyn won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

  10. Let their sins add up, and may

    they not become right with YOU.
    May they be taken out of the book of life,

    and not be written down with those who are right with YOU
    Psalm 69:27,28 (NLV)
    The Holy Bible

  11. O GOD, YOU have taught me from my youth;

    and until now I have proclaimed YOUR wondrous works.

    YOU will guide me with YOUR counsel,

    and afterward receive me to glory.

    Psalms 71:17;73:24
    The Holy Bible

  12. “Go in through the narrow gate,

    because the gate to Hell is wide and the road that leads to it is easy,

    and there are many who travel it.
    But the gate to Life is narrow and the way that leads to it is hard,

    and there are few people who find it.
    Matthew 7: 13,14 (GNT)
    The Holy Bible

  13. But as for

    the cowardly,

    the faithless,

    the detestable,

    those who commit murder,

    the sexually immoral,

    those who practice the occult,


    and all liars

    — their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur.

    That is the second death.

    Revelation 21:8 (MR-I)
    The Holy Bible

  14. And HE called unto HIM HIS disciples,
    and saith unto them,
    Verily I say unto you,
    That this poor widow hath cast more in,
    than all they which have cast into the treasury:

    For all they did cast in of their abundance;
    but she of her want did cast in all that she had,
    even all her living.

    Mark 12:43,44
    The Holy Bible

  15. I like Testimonies and Miracles and being able to read comments from other Christians makes me feel intertwined in faith with people from all over the globe.

    Spokane, Washington

  16. I like “Testimonies and Miracles” because it’s easily readable, but more importantly it’s what we need to hear these days!

    Lebanon Ohio

  17. And the king stood by a pillar,

    and made a Covenant Before THE LORD,

    to walk After THE LORD,

    and to keep HIS Commandments and HIS Testimonies and HIS Statutes with all their heart and all their soul,

    to perform the words of this Covenant that were written in this book.

    And all the people stood to the Covenant.

    2 Kings 23:3
    The Holy Bible

  18. I like Testimonies and Miracles because people tell the real, hard truth and love Jesus and all of His good works!


  19. And like unto him was there no king before him,

    that turned to THE LORD with all his heart,

    and with all his soul,

    and with all his might,

    according to all the law of Moses;

    neither after him arose there any like him.

    2 Kings 23:25
    The Holy Bible

  20. I believe Testimonies and Miracles is a great website for Christians to connect with each other and read about the great things that God has done for other Christians.

    Milford, Connecticut

  21. A brutish man knoweth not;
    neither doth a fool understand this.

    When the wicked spring as the grass,
    and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish;
    it is that they shall be destroyed for ever:

    Psalm 92:6,7 (KJV)
    The Holy Bible

  22. I feel like Testimonies and Miracles is a very productive site and so many people should know about it 🖤

    Oklahoma City

  23. This year, for the first time, GOD, THE FATHER Allowed me to actually feel HIS glory that HE Lovingly Sent down to me!

    Days later JESUS, GOD, THE FATHER’ S SON, Allowed me to actually feel HIS glory that HE Lovingly Sent down to me!

    Afterwards, GOD, THE FATHER’S SPIRIT, THE HOLY SPIRIT Allowed me to actually feel HIS glory that HE Lovingly Sent down to me!

    Since these Events, GOD Has again Let me feel HIS glory a number of times!

    I hope that this will happen to you, too.

    Chaplain Phil

  24. YOU don’t help crooked judges.

    They use the law to make life hard for the people.
    They attack those who do right.

    They say innocent people are guilty and put them to death.
    Psalm 94:20,21 (ERV)
    The Holy Bible

  25. When I was about 5 or 6 years old,
    I was praying at the alter in my church.

    I was crying, Speaking in Tongues, and I was crying out for Jesus;
    I was in a sad place (obviously not compared to what I deal with in adult life, but for my age, I thought I was having a really hard time).

    I was continuing to pray,
    and I testify to this day that I felt Someone come rest their hand on my back and rub a little bit.
    After I finished I even asked my mom if someone came and touched me and she said no.

    I honestly believe Jesus came and sat with me that day.

    Initially after the hand lifted, I even glanced behind me to see, and nobody was there, or walking away. ❤

    Limerick Maine

  26. The Lord says, “Come As You Are.”

    Here is a place to be free in your love for The Lord and a place of encouragement.

    Seeing is believing for some and Testimonies and Miracles is the chance to see what The Lord can do for others. Be Blessed.


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