Testimonies and Miracles


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Testimony and Miracles



Give thanks to The LORD, proclaim His greatness; tell the nations what He has done.                  1 Chronicles 16:8 (GNB)


In the assembly of all Your people, LORD, I told the good news that You save us.  You know that I will never stop telling it.                   Psalm 40:9 (GNB)


God, you have taught me since I was young.  Even until today I tell about the miracles you do.                   Psalm 71:17 (ICB)


As high as the sky is above the earth, so great is His love for those who honor Him.                   Psalm 103:11 (GNT)


A day is coming when people will sing,  “Give thanks to The LORD!  Call for Him to help you!  Tell all the nations what He has done!  Tell them how great He is!  Sing to The LORD because of the great things He has done.  Let the whole world hear the news.”                   Isaiah 12:4,5 (GNB)


I tell you, then, the great love she has proves that her many sins have been forgiven.                           Luke 7:47a (GNT)


Jesus answered Nicodemus, “I can guarantee this truth:  No one can enter God’s kingdom without being born of water and The Spirit.                  John 3:5 (GW)


Everyone whom My Father gives Me will come to Me.  I will never turn away anyone who comes to Me, because I have come down from Heaven to do not My own will but the will of Him who sent Me.                   John 6:37,38 (GNT)                   


For it is not possible for us to keep from saying what we have seen and have knowledge of.                   The Acts Of The Apostles 4:20 (TBIBE)


 “How can anyone object to these people being baptized in water?  They have received The Holy Spirit the same as we did!”                  The Acts Of The Apostles 10:47 (ERV)


He will completely fool those who are on their way to Hell because they have said no to the Truth; they have refused to believe it and love it and let it Save them,                   2 Thessalonians 2:10 (TLB)


Come close to God, and God will come close to you.                   James 4:8a (NLT)


those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus.                               Revelation 12:17b (NIVUK)


I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers and sisters who hold to the testimony of Jesus.  Worship God!  For it is The Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus.”               Revelation 19:10b (NIV)


Cincinnati, where the 1st miracle occurred  in Testimony and Miracles



In Fort Thomas, where a number of miracles occurred in Testimony and Miracles.  This is the famous tower in Fort Thomas.  (In Tower Park is “a great mountain bike trail”)

Fort Thomas


Like the bird, which welcomed me home in December in Testimony and Miracles



Like the bald eagle, which God sent down to me the next day in December in Testimony and Miracles


Like the courageous Willie the cardinal, which God sent in Testimony and Miracles.  Willie liked all varieties of Christian music (while the robins that came up on the porch to be with me, as well, preferred classical Christian music, e.g.  J. S. Bach).


Like Wilma the cardinal, which sat on my finger and ate out of my hand

Female Cardinal

Cardinals kissing


Like the playful bluejay, which would hop up and take the peanut from my hand or fancy fly by and take it precisely.



A contender for David { Whittle } as in Testimony and Miracles

I know a younger engineer from Indonesia, who admittedly let me know that his attention span has lowered considerably.  There are others I know, who have lowering attention spans.  If you participate in full with each Page on this website,  your attention span should increase.

In addition to the United States of America, the European Union, , 5 United States territories, 2 British territories, 2 special administrative regions of China, the continent of Antarctica, 1 associate country with New Zealand, the people, also, in other 117 nations have been reading this website.

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In one category, which has over 2 million results, Jesus promoted TestimoniesAndMiracles.net to number one in the world for over 3 years!  In another category with over 30 million results, Jesus has promoted TestimoniesAndMiracles.net to # 1 in the world!  May Jesus be with you, as He has with others, as you read and listen to TestimoniesAndMiracles.net



Sing praises to The Lord!  Tell about His miracles.

Psalm 105:2 (CEV)


Praise Him with trumpets.

Praise Him with harps and lyres.

Praise Him with drums and dancing.

Praise Him with cymbals.

Praise Him with loud cymbals.

Praise The LORD, all living creatures!

Praise The LORD!

Psalm 150:3-6 (GNB)

There are a number of magnificent songs on a variety of Pages in Testimonies and Miracles:

One song has had over 900,000 listens.  Don’t get tied up with the finite selections after most of the songs, but come back to Testimonies and Miracles for the apropos best songs.  Feel free to come back into testimoniesandmiracles.net and enjoy your favorites again in the future.

I have been asked by a man how did I know of the good songs to put into Testimonies and Miracles.  A woman told me how she liked going into Testimonies and Miracles and listening to all of the people Singing.

If your using your cell while listening to these Songs, turn the screen to 90 degrees, when a Song has video.

You don’t have to Subscribe to any Songs to listen to the Songs and/or watch them in Testimonies and Miracles.  They are free.


Squire Parsons lives near the Great Smokey Mountains National Park (the most visited national park in the United States).

I have met with Squire Parsons a few times and let him know there was not enough Jesus in a song he wrote, Squire changed the lyrics and was the title cut of one of his albums.

Squire Parsons won the national Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Male Singer, the  Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Baritone for 2 years, and the Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Songwriter for 5 years.

After listening to this Song, you can click on the word:  Comments (above the mountain on this page, & wait briefly for it to load).

Then, go to the bottom of the Comment Page (“Thoughts”) & click on “Older Comments” (to the left & let it load) and you can find a Comment by a Pastor (who has, also, preached in Japan and Switzerland), who, when he listened to this Song in his car, pulled over to the side of the road and cried.

This Song is that good.

Click in the arrow to hear this multi-talented Brother, Squire Parsons sing his Testimony (the Song only):


Steve Green is from Oregon.

Others and myself Sang with Steve Green in downtown Cincinnati.

He won the international Dove Award for the CCM Male Vocalist of the Year (coordinated scenes with the Song).


This Song is likened to page 9 in the PDF file of Testimony and Miracles above.

As you will see, 4 HIM had part in changing an atheist nation, Russia, into a Christian nation, which now Prays and reads the Bible even in their public schools.

The Song , as you will see, was Sung in Moscow, Russia.

Pray for Russia not to leave The Savior Jesus again for the people of Russia’s sake.

4 HIM used this, their Song to headline their years later 2015 tour.

Click in the arrow for a memorable experience (this Song is all video):




“The Citizens of these United States have every Reason for Praise and Gratitude to the God of their salvation.”,

Massachusetts Governor John Hancock

November 8, 1783

Image result for John Hancock images free

Image result for John Hancock images free




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Page 8:  Glen Gerhauser of Australia

Page 9:  The Hump Pilot Movie with Brenda Sheets Testimony + 2 other Comments

Page 10:  Our Christian Brothers, Sisters, and Children + hear & see the #1 Christian tenor for decades, Steve Green, sing the spectacular “Safely Home”

Page 11:  Lambeth Palace

Page 12: Medical science has proven that Heaven and Hell after life exist right now with Dr. Eby, Dr. Divine, Dr. Rawlings, Dr. Rodonata, & Dr. Whitaker

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