Chapter 9 – The Hump Pilot Movie

God Has Given Approval — Chapter 9 is dedicated to the courageous Christian soldiers!


But those who trust THE LORD
    will find new strength.
They will be strong like eagles
    soaring upward on wings

Isaiah 40:31a (CEV)


Filmed in the 1940s in B & W and color.  The movie is about Lewis Frasier Osborne, the 7th best pilot in the Army Air Corps.  The 1st “pause” (in the upper left hand of the screen) of the movie is William H. Colbert, meeting Dad about half way around the world, who is his brother-in-law.  The 2nd “pause” in the movie is Shirley Ratcliff, in the Navy uniform on the left with glasses, who is Dad’s cousin and grew up near each other in Covington, Kentucky, U. S. A., meeting Dad in Shanghai, China.  The 3rd “pause” in the movie is William H. Colbert stateside, who became a sought after mechanical engineer (filmed by Dad), on the left, and on the right is another of Dad’s brother-in-laws, Robert Upham, who was like Bob Hope (whom Dad went on a golf outing with), and became an executive with Oldsmobile.  The 4th (and last) “pause” in the movie is Shirley Ratcliff on the right getting off the plane at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the man on the left is John Samuel Osborne, my granddad and Dad’s dad.

Lewis Frasier Osborne lost only one fight as an amateur boxer.  When he was a U. S. Army Private, he was unfairly ridden beyond discipline by Sergeant Sorry.  Dad challenged him to a boxing match.  After Dad beat him up and won in the ring, Sergeant Sorry immediately stopped his antics against Dad.  After this the U. S. Army promoted Dad to officer training school.  After his training, he became the famous pilot.  The generals had Dad fly them to where they needed to go in not the best of weather.  Hump pilots are those pilots who flew over the Himalayan mountains, the tallest mountain range on earth (“Top of the World”).  Dad later was hotel manager for the tallest hotel in Shanghai, China.  The military wanted him to stay in China and was offered an increase in military rank, but he declined, because it had been too long since he had seen his wife on the other side of the world, Mrs. Phoebe Colbert Osborne, who you will see later in the film and was in a movie with Russ Tamblyn (who was with Victor Mature in “Samson and Delilah”, John Wayne in “How The West Was Won”, and was head of the Jets in the “West Side Story”).  Toward the end of the film is the wedding between Charles Woodyard, who was a tailgunner against the Nazis, from Williamstown, Kentucky and later was the contractor who put the lighting in Fulton County Stadium and some of the skyscrapers in Atlanta, Georgia, to Mother’s sister, Marian Colbert Woodyard, who later gave tours of the Georgia Governor’s Mansion, while Jimmy Carter was governor.  There are other notable people in this movie, as well.  The vintage aircraft has been popular with historians who have enjoyed the movie.  The last full scene is Dad getting into a fighter plane.  There is a moment of silence at the end of the movie.

The main Music with the movie is written, played, and sung by Brenda  Sheets, which she made in her home in Arizona for me and now for this historical film.  A pastor, who owned 7 radio stations, told me her music is Anointed (from GOD), even though I knew this years before.  I first met Brenda at a church I was visiting in Newport, Kentucky.  She is blind since birth.  Her Music also touched my soul.  She was on her way to Arizona from New York City, where she had  been in worship services with Russian immigrants.

When Brenda was a teenager she was not a Christian and was taking illegal drugs; but, fortunately, she stopped sinning, asked God, The Father for forgiveness, successfully asked Jesus, The Faithful And True Witness into her heart.  She became involved with Teen Challenge.  David Wilkerson was from a different part of the country and read about the violent street gangs of  New York City.  He decided to stop it, so he traveled only with God to New York City and confronted the gangs with the Gospel.  Much is history now and many gang members got saved.  [A movie was made about him, “The Cross And The Switchblade” with Pat Boone starring as David Wilkerson.]  David Wilkerson founded Teen Challenge, which is now across the country, because the success rate of getting people off of hard core drugs has been over 90%, because our Savior Jesus Christ is involved in it.

You might appreciate her Testimony Song.

After this The Comforter, The Holy Spirit had Brenda Sheets speak in Hebrew!  She did not know what she was saying until someone, who knew Hebrew (a complex language), told her what she was saying.  She went to Israel and now knows Hebrew fluently!  And even after this The Holy Spirit had Brenda speak Russian!  Again she did not know what she was speaking!  Now with the help of The Holy Spirit she knows Russian (another complex language) fluently!  This obedient to Jesus woman went to Israel, when a multitude of Jews were allowed to finally leave the Soviet Union to Israel.  These many Russian Jews did not know Israel’s language, Hebrew, nor did they know Jesus, The Messiah personally before entering Israel.  Guess who checked these Russian immigrants into Israel?  Brenda Sheets! who knows Russian, knows Hebrew, and was a fine witness for Jesus, Yahushua!

The last Song is written an Sung by Linda Remley, whose husband, Rick Remley, is a hero becoming disabled saving someone else.

Reel One is coarse, the beginning, but entertaining.

The movie is aesthetically relaxing.

Grab a snack and sit back and listen to and view the movie.

 After the movie starts, click on the square outline in the lower right of the screen & go full screen
 The Hump Pilot Movies, Reel One
Filming begins in India; it includes an upper left diagonal line
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  Thank YOU LORD
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Two
In Burma (Myanmar) and China
The warlord in Burma wanted Lewis Frasier Osborne and his men to destroy the boats of the poor people.
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song: JESUS Is The One
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Three
See how the pilots loved the children at the orphanage
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  Look Up MY Child
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Four
The monkey petting the patient cat and wrestling with the puppy
1st Pause honoring William H. Colbert in front of the large airplane, then both Lewis Fraser Osborne and William H. Colbert standing on the large wing
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  YESHUA
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Five
Shanghai, China and cruising in the air
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  YESHUA, my MESSIAH
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Six
Nitty-gritty, vintage aircraft planes
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  Save Please, O SON OF DAVID
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Seven
View from the terrace of the hotel in Shanghai, China, which Lewis Osborne was entrusted to manage
Football in Shanghai
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  Do You Know WHO I Am?
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Eight
The dance of the planes
2nd Pause honoring Shirley Ratcliff on the left of the screen from the navy
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  Praise
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Nine
Two men stop fist fighting when the camera is put on them, and then point to the camera & break up laughing
Goodbye to the people of Shanghai
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  My Testimony Song
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Ten
An ocean away
Burial at sea
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  ELOHIM
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Eleven
San Francisco welcome
The train ride through the mountains has effected a number of people
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  Glory To GOD
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Twelve
Together again
Hope for the future
Pause 3 is for William H. Colbert stateside, who later became one of the most sought after mechanical engineers (which Neal Armstrong, the 1st man to walk on the moon, advocated)
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  ADONAI
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Thirteen
Strong men
Military wedding
Pause 4 is for Shirley Ratcliff coming out of a plane at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem
 The Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Fourteen
Historical high view of Cincinnati, Ohio in the 1940s
The Suspension Bridge over the Ohio River was built by the same man who built the Brooklyn Bridge
The Carew Tower, the tallest building, is half the height of the Empire State Building, and both were built by the same man
Moment of silence at the end, when another pilot and Lewis Osborne (in civies) wave goodbye from fighter planes
Click on the arrow:
Includes the original Song:  Why Do I Love JESUS?


In the Hump Pilot Movie, Reel Five, you will see a wealthy woman dressed in black talking into an advanced portable phone, while walking on a sidewalk in Shanghai, China — a half century before the cell phone.


Mrs. Cora Osborne was giving birth, when the fiendish doctor told her:  He’s too big for you — let me slice him up.  She would not let her baby be killed and made it clear she would die for her child.  Lewis Frasier Osborne was born in the house of his parents, Samuel & Cora Osborne, and became the famous hump pilot and later settled in Northern Kentucky, where he defeated the Syndicate — the Mafia.  Less than a half of a mile from the house where Lewis Frasier Osborne was born, a movie was filmed that was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Art Director and Best Music and Best Film Editing, and the movie won the Academy Award for Best Writing for a Screen Play, the Academy Award for Best Director, the Academy Award for Best Actor, and the Academy Award for Best Picture.  Mrs. Cora Osborne lived to be 60 to 70 years old.  You will see her, in Reel Twelve of The Hump Pilot Movie, being handed a handle of a garden tool, and it appears to be on a well deserved Mother’s Day.   Love.  Honor.

 Why do I have this honor, that the mother of my LORD should come to me?  As soon as I heard your greeting, the baby in my womb jumped for joy. 

Luke 1:43, 44 (CEB)

Yet YOU desired faithfulness even in the womb; YOU taught me wisdom in that secret place.

Psalm 51:6 (NIV)

Phil Keaggy won the international Dove Award for the Instrumental Album of the Year for 7 years.

Click on the arrow for this famous and violent song:

Praise The Lord!

Sing to The Lord a new song,
And His praise in the assembly of saints.

Psalm 149:1 (NKJV)


Mr. & Mrs. (Phoebe) Lewis Frasier Osborne settled into Fort Thomas, Kentucky, which is next to the Ohio River and above the Lunken Airport.  Down river, next to Fort Thomas, is Newport, Kentucky, which was notorious for stupid criminals.  While Fort Thomas was the safest place to live in greater Cincinnati, Newport was not.  The Syndicate, a branch of the Mafia, controlled Newport.  In the 1960’s the gangsters were openly carrying Tommy guns in Newport.  My parents, Lewis & Phoebe Osborne had had enough.  They met with their neighbors and they brought in an outsider, George Ratterman, a former quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, to run for sheriff of the county.

The government and the police were taking bribes of money, sex, and material.  Since the increased international travel during the continuing “sexual revolution” there are over 50 different sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, which are hellish and too many are deadly, and rubbers don’t do the job percentage wise, with the Centers for Disease Control showing that as of 2015, over 100 million people in the USA have sexually transmitted diseases.  Back then, there was only “clap” and syphilis (which eats out the brain).  A number of policemen and government officials deservedly got clap and syphilis.

The Syndicate tried to frame George Ratterman, but the people voted, and he won the election, and brought about sweeping changes.  The Syndicate left taking their Tommy guns with them.  Attorney General Bobby Kennedy came down to Newport in the end, when the glory was going on, and he hand-typed an after hours letter to Lewis Osborne from Washington, DC.  Henry Hosea and a number of Christians in Fort Thomas had a great deal to do with the success.

Mrs. Phoebe Osborne was a beloved 5th grade instructor for years into the 1990’s and had full books of the Bible in her classroom, even though the government doesn’t like it.  She was 5 hours in credits away from starting a thesis for a PhD.  Once she became sick and her students came 2 miles from the school to her home and gave her love notes.

Mr. Lewis Osborne became an elder in his church.  He was honored by a number of countries, and a number of his belongings are in a museum in Greece.


“We are frittering away time and money in a multiplicity of conventions, conferences, and retreats, when the real need is to go straight and full steam into battle, with the signal for ‘close action’ flying.”,  C. T. Studd, world famous athlete and international missionary.


“He [the patriot] will therefore seek to establish for his country in the eyes of the world, such a character as shall make her not unworthy of the name of a Christian nation.”,

Francis Scott Key, attorney and Vice President of the American Bible Society

March 22, 1814


If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.  John 8:36


For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty  Galatians 5:13a


The final and most important verse of The Star-Spangled Banner:


O thus be it ever when free men shall stand,

Between their loved home and the war’s desolation;

Blest with victory and peace, may the Heaven-rescued land,

Praise The Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just;

And this be our motto “In God is our trust”!

And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave,

Over the land of the free and home of the brave!

Francis Scott Key, author and Vice President of the American Bible Society

September 14, 1814




4 HIM won the Christian Research Report Reporter Poll — Best New Artist, and later the Best Group for 2 years in a row.

4 HIM won the American Songwriter’s Christian Artist of the Year award.

4 HIM won the CBA (The Association for Christian Retail) Impact Award for the international Total Promotional Campaign, Music.

4 HIM won the CCM (CHRIST, Community, Music) Magazine award for Song of the Year.

4 HIM won the CCM Readers Poll for the Favorite Long Form Video (which of the Songs you can see one on Chapter 1 & one on Chapter 10 of this Testimonies and Miracles).

4 HIM won the international Dove Award for Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year.

4 HIM won the international Dove Award for Best New Artist of the Year.

4 HIM won 2 international Dove Awards for Inspirational Album of the Year.

4 HIM won 3 international Dove Awards for Group of the Year.

In this Song, “Wings”, “Orville and Wilbur” are referring to Orville and Wilbur Wright, who made and flew the 1st airplane with a motor on December 17, 1903 a D, making history of flight and of the world:



Please enrich yourself by reading all of the Replies below (except for the foreign languages that you may not know).





75 thoughts on “Chapter 9 – The Hump Pilot Movie



  2. I pray for the ones in the military, because they’re out there defending me; someone they don’t know or know I even exist, but they’re protecting me every single day I am alive.

  3. We should Pray for our Christian soldiers because they’re putting their lives on the line for us.

    Spokane, Washington

  4. We should pray for our Christian military soldiers because they are serving to defend those who cannot defend themselves!

    Lebanon Ohio

  5. Christian soldiers are very important.

    I feel like this is true because no matter what war they are in, or training they get,
    or how long they are in the military, they are going in there with God on their side, and that’s a good thing to have.

    They are going in with reasons of supporting others, being selfless, and having the respect for their fellow members of society to do something for them that is above and beyond the expected.

    Limerick Maine

  6. Praying for your Christian Soldiers ensures that we can even be Christians.

    We fight for their faith, they fight for our freedom.



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