Chapter 6 – A Trusting Squirrel

God Has Given Approval — Chapter 6 is dedicated to the loving animals that God Created!


Like written in Testimony and Miracles in Chapter 1:

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Here is a music video by the famous group:  4 HIM.

4HIM attended Evangel College in Missouri.

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Dino Kartsonakis is from New York.

He played at Carnegie Hall.

Dino was the pianist for Kathryn Kuhlman for many years.

He won the Grammy Award.

Dino, also, won the international Dove Award twice for Album of the Year & 5 times for Instrumentalist of the Year.



Dr. William Abraham graduated from Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.  He has specialized in heart failure & heart transplants.  Dr. Abraham has appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, the Journal of American Medical Association, Circulation, the European Heart Journal, and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.  He is in Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers list and as one of the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds.  After letting him see the documentary, “To Hell and Back” (before I put it in Chapter 12 for you of this Testimonies and Miracles), Dr. Abraham sincerely liked it.  He read all of the book “How To Love GOD More” and highlighted it for his staff (before I put it in the preceding Chapter 5 – Experiences In Obeying The Greatest Commandment and Love for you).  After reading the “Testimony and Miracles” before it was put in Chapter 1, Dr. Abraham was impressed by the miracles that Jesus has been doing and wanted me to write more of the animals that God has brought into my life — you will be able to read more of these animals in the Comment section of this Chapter 6, Chaplain Phil.


The wild animals that God sent to me, when I was busted up in 1986, showed me things and fantastic things that they did not show me before.  They felt God‘s Love in me, and though many naturally feared me, they came to love me and trust me.  Animals have feelings similar to us humans — they have fear and anger, if they do something awkward, they become embarrassed, and they have a surprising amount of intelligence and love.  God their Creator Has Made them special — from even insects to large mammals.



 What a large number of things You have made, O Lord!
    You made them all by wisdom.
     The earth is filled with Your creatures.

Psalm 104:24 (GW)


You created all of them
    by Your Spirit,
    and You give new life
    to the earth.

Psalm 14:30


Who provideth for the raven his food? when his young ones cry unto God, they wander for lack of meat.

Job 38:41 (KJV)


Let every created thing give praise to The Lord, for He issued His command, and they came into being.

Psalm 148:5 (NLT)


“Call to Me, and I will answer you; I will tell you wonderful and marvelous things that you know nothing about.

Jeremiah 33:3 (GNB)


Then I heard every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and in the sea, and all that are in them, saying:

“To Him Who sits on the throne and to The Lamb
    be blessing and honor and glory and power,
        forever and ever!”

Revelation 5:13 (MEV)



From Virginia’s 1776 State Constitution:

“It is the mutual duty of  all to practice Christian forbearance, love, and charity towards each other.”, written by James Madison and George Mason.

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Please enrich yourself by reading all of the Replies below (except for the foreign languages that you may not know).





48 thoughts on “Chapter 6 – A Trusting Squirrel

  1. For years my right eye has been a “popeye”. This summer GOD has healed my right eye — and now it is physically normal!

  2. There was this voice in my head telling me to walk in the other direction, and for some reason I listened to the voice, and for that I am alive and well today. Thank You God for saving my life on that specific day.

    Te gen tande vwa sa a nan tèt mwen an, di m’ fè mache nan tout direksyon pou kèk rezon mwen écouté t’ ap di yo, pou m’ anvi ak byen jodi a. Gras a Dye ou pou ekonomize lavi m’ jou sa a byen presi. (Kreyol) [Creole]

  3. I took some minutes to read the next chapter of the Holy Bible on the front porch.
    A bird came to the closest limb to me.
    It let out an ear piercing scream; it wanted my attention.
    Like many wild animals, it had a natural fear of me, but wanted to be closer to me, because it felt Jesus in me.
    When I talked to it, it no longer screamed, but responded to me with the same voice, calmly and not its natural scream.
    Afterwards I called a zoo and described the bird. The curator told me it was a Screaming Piha, and it lives in South America, especially in the Amazon jungle.
    Jesus likes what I have been doing and sent this surprising special bird to me from South America, through Central America to me!

  4. This is my favorite Bible verse (Justine)

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

    (Las Cruces, NM)

  5. Because of God, I got to rededicate my life, choosing to live for Him, and not once since that day has He ever let me down. I am forever grateful for the life that I get to live because of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    Arlington, TX

  6. I was asked for some time to let other people know more of my experiences with the wild animals that God has put here on earth with us. This information is not found in the textbooks we were taught.

    Years ago the gas and electric company was cutting off major limbs of my maple tree between the sidewalk and the street. A handsome blue and black winged butterfly flew over and sat near me above curiously looking for some time at what the crew was doing to the tree; this butterfly had the head about the size of the head of a pin and an even smaller brain, and we have been told by people that call themselves experts that animals’ intelligence is proportionate to the size of the brain, indicating that the butterflies intelligence is close to non-existant, and I have found this to be false blatancy by the Godless “experts”.

    While a company was blacktopping my driveway, the processing heat was temporarily burning the green grass in an area near the driveway. A grey-brown bird that I had not seen before, walked up without fear next to my leg and curiously looked at the fire burning in the green grass.

    I went to a mailbox on the street to drop in some mail; there was a medium sized, orange & brown butterfly tangled in an abandoned spider web. I broke it free and cleaned the butterfly up a bit from the spider web. It was weak from its failed struggle to get free. The butterfly sat on my finger, as I went home, and stayed there while I was in my house. I did what I could to revive its strength then I put it outside with the hope it would now survive. From time to time I would sit on the back porch. From the time I released the butterfly until the end of the year, this grateful butterfly would fly down and sit with me during the day every time I would sit on the back porch.

  7. The first dog we had in my childhood was a pedigree Cocker Spaniel, we named “Samson”. With him we had 2 cats, “De” & “Lila”.
    Samson swam with us; and, when we went to the playground, Samson liked to climb up the tall slide and then slide down. De & Lila liked to play in the yard.
    Samson liked approval and had a deep love.

    Later while we had Duke, the great dog (Duke is on Page 5 – Love), we got a black and white kitten, which we named, “Chris”.
    When we brought Chris into the home, Duke felt hurt, like we did not love him so much.
    Chris grew up to be small to medium sized cat and became a killer.
    He killed our chameleon and didn’t eat it.
    Chris would go out in the fields and kill an animal about twice its size and brought it back to the yard.
    He went after the other cats in the neighborhood as if they were prey, and one of my classmates would call and complain what Chris did to his cat.
    He would come back from his cat fights sometimes wounded and with his lower jaw punctured, but once healed he would go out after the other cats again.
    Chris did not like much affection.

    After the sad death of Duke, we bought a pedigree German Shepherd puppy; we called it Mark, and it had extra big paws, so we knew it would be a large dog.
    Similar to Duke, Mark would greet the people and other dogs in the neighborhood.
    When Mark heard the squeak of the chinning bar in the garage, he would run and tackle my legs and held on while I did my chin ups; that is why I have long arms, and to this day can reach things that the average person cannot, even while I am sitting down and have been told I have “monkey arms’.
    When I sat in the swivel rocker reading the news paper after Mark needed to be corrected, he would place his big forelegs between my feet and rest his head down on his legs and look up at me with his big brown eyes; I would look over the newspaper, and I tried to be firm with Mark so that he would know better that he had done wrong, but before his time of discipline was up he kept looking up at me with his sorrowful eyes unwavering even while I went back to reading the paper; but, before his time was up I made up with him, which we liked.
    I gave a lynx a shelled half peanut, and the lynx chewed & chewed for about a minute and then the half peanut fell whole out of its mouth, though the lynx had tried to please me — similarly, I gave Mark a raisin on the way to Quebec, Canada and he would chew & chew, and it would fall out of his mouth whole, and we tried this again a number of times with the same result — Mark was really funny.
    When I gave Mark a hug, I called him “Mark-toots”.
    The neighbors 2 properties away did not know how to treat their Wire Terrier and had it leashed up to a running wire throughout the day with not enough love; Mark was not full grown, when he went over to say his “Hi” to this Wire Terrier, but the Wire Terrier bit Mark instead; Mark bit back and left immediately.
    Mark’s one powerful bite had broken thru the Wire Terrier’s bone.
    These colder neighbors said we had to get rid of Mark.
    We were shocked at the turn of events.
    Because Mark was smart and loving, we tried to get Mark into a seeing eye dog school, but they told us he was to big.
    My Dad brought him to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, because Mark would be a good sentry dog to help our nation, and everything seemed to go well with the visit, and Dad said good-bye to Mark.
    During the Winter my Dad went up to the Air Force Base to see how Mark was doing, because Dad loved Mark, too.
    Mark was not at the Air Force Base.
    It turns out a sergeant decided to keep this special dog for himself.
    Dad found out where the sergeant lived.
    He, also, found Mark living outside — chained to a tree in the cold snow.
    Dad was angry and told the sergeant he was taking Mark.
    How surprised and happy we were when the big tanned coat Mark arrived with Dad to our home.
    We knew we would not be able to keep Mark, and Dad found Mark a new owner.
    Much later Dad took me to see Mark in an adjacent city.
    When we got inside of Mark’s home, Mark was considerably taller and now had a dark coat of hair over much of his body.
    Mark did not recognize Dad or me, and his roaring bark at us seemed to shake the windows.
    As soon as I said “Mark-toots”, he recognized me, cried, ran over to me, and happily licked my face.
    Mark was a powerful and loving dog.

    While I was in college, my parents obtained a pedigree small poodle puppy. and they named him, “Tinker”.
    While still a puppy, Tinker would go next door and play with a full grown St. Bernard.
    When I was in town, I would take Tinker for walks, and he kept up with me with his little legs moving fast until he wore out and I had to carry him the rest of the way.
    He loved to go for rides, too, and would sit on my chest and left arm while I drove and would look out the window.
    Before and after my Dad passed on, I owned my own business for years and did not have time to take a vacation for the first 7 years of business, and I was not able to spend time playing with Tinker, as I would have liked to, but Tinker was compliant with the change and adjusted well.
    Besides the regular dog commands, we found out that Tinker, in his older years, was able to understand what our family were saying to each other, even though Tinker could not talk, of which I was surprised and gave me even more respect and understanding of animals.
    Tinker turned out to be an intelligent and brave dog.

    Our love for animals should not take up the time for loving God.
    Pets are important for children’s development; but, once grown-up and the children are raised, it is better to spend that time loving and communicating with The Creator more for the rest of this life and into eternity, then to get and spend time with another pet after the last one has passed on.

    who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than The Creator, Who is blessed forever. Amen. Romans 1:25 (NKJV).

    Because I spend more time with God now, instead of daily time with pets, God still sends loving wild animals to me, as you can see at the top of this Page 6.

    With purity and holiness, walk with God, as I do.
    Chaplain Phil

  8. God created the animals, so that they could praise Him.
    Williamsburg, Kentucky
    “Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow!
    Praise Him all creatures here below!”
    From the Doxology.

  9. God created animals for us to love and care for. They provide us with sustenance and companionship.

    North Carolina

  10. The male cardinal that hopped up to me in the 16 page testimony in the Home Page (3 pages are from outside brief emails), I named “Willie, who was married to “Wilma” (yes they are loyal mates).
    Right after my relapse in June, 1986, Willie was the first wild animal The Holy Spirit sent to me.
    When I fed them peanuts, Willie had a strong enough beak to break open the outer shell.
    However, with Wilma, her beak was not as strong, and I had to break open the shell for her.
    They would not come to other humans, and when people visited, they sat a fair distance away to see one of these cardinals come up to me.
    When their baby cardinal left their nest, Willie & Wilma let me gently rub the baby cardinal’s chest, while it was perched in a branch near me.
    An albino cardinal was born in the neighborhood, as well, and the other cardinals treated it royally.
    Willie came & let me know when Wilma died (of old age) — it was a sad day.
    After Willie and Wilma, I called all cardinals, “Willie” and “Wilma”.

    Even years later there were cardinals that wanted to be with me.
    About a month ago a raven (which is considerably bigger than a crow) came every day, after I talked to it — I learned how to talk to wild animals since 1986 with the help of The Holy Spirit.
    Every morning when I started my Prayers, the raven heard me and would start cawing, which didn’t help the beginning of my Prayers.
    I stopped talking to the raven, and it eventually left.
    Years earlier a group of cardinals would come to my bedroom window sill for a long time — as soon as I finished my morning Prayers, they would begin singing — how polite.
    One of the male cardinals at that time would follow me when I left my home, even in my car.

    Last year, there was a male cardinal, who wanted to be with me, after it saw some snow birds being with me while I was on the back porch.
    This male cardinal would actually get jealous when some purple martins liked being with me.
    It would sit on my chair on the back porch and sing for much of the day.
    When I was in my bedroom during the day, this cardinal would gently come up to the bedroom window with its body and flutter its wings against the window.
    One evening when I was getting in late, I heard some fussing nearby, and I turned and it was the cardinal, who was not happy about me being away so long until twilight; when I greeted him, he was happy again.

    The cardinals are fighters and even the female cardinals close-up are beautiful & the male cardinal is brilliant.

    The official State bird of Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina is the cardinal.

  11. There was a decorative 4×4 – posts white fence (of which at least one stranger stopped 90 feet away on Highland Avenue and came down & rang the doorbell & complimented me about it) in front of the front porch.
    On the first day that I went out on the front porch to start my recuperation from the relapse, GOD sent a blue jay to the front porch [which you can read about in the first Testimony in the red hyper-link, Testimony and Miracles, on the Home Page].
    While the blue jay was playing with me taking peanuts and dropping into bushes over 100 feet away in flight, a robin came near the porch and bopped the blue jay’s head with its red chest while both flying.
    This repeated and the blue jay flew to a post on the left side of the fence and the robin came to a post on the right side of the fence with both looking at me on the porch.
    [Once they knew they could trust me the wild animals, including the robin and the blue jay, would allow me to see things, that they didn’t show other people (nor me before).]
    THE HOLY SPIRIT sent them to me, and they felt JESUS, their CREATOR (John 1 and 20) in my heart.]
    The blue jay and the robin wanted me to hold court and be the judge for both wanted justice.
    The blue jay was pleading with me in its way, and the robin had the attitude of being in the right.
    I let the blue jay know not to eat the robin’s eggs and told the bigger robin not to bop the blue jay’s head.
    GOD had them understand what I said, and the blue jay did not eat the robin’s eggs and the robin immediately stopped hitting the blue jay’s head with its chest.

    Days later I brought out a portable audio cassette player and plugged it into the front porch.
    I listen to only Christian music for the musicians and Singers give their best for GOD, instead of the lesser quality non-Christian music, which is done for money and vanity.
    The wild animals agreed.
    When I put the Christian music, whatever the Christian type style, more of the animals would come up on the porch.
    The only music the robin liked was Christian classical music, which gave the robin joy such as Handel’s Messiah and J. S. Bach.

    The robins liked to come up on the porch with me.
    I wanted to give them something to eat and would toss a shelled half of a peanut to them, they would initially politely move the peanut with the beak but not eat it, because the robins eat fishing worms and insects.
    The robins wanted me to think they were more important than the other animals, and they eventually ate some of the peanuts, even though they did not like it compared with their regular food.

    The robins trusted me so much that they showed something that I never heard of or seen before.
    I looked up from my lounge chair and my neighbor pointed out there was a dead robin under the white 4×4 fence.
    The robin actually looked like road-kill — distortedly sprawled on the ground with mouth open and no movement.
    [Instead of the neighborhood dead animals rotting on the ground and being eaten by smaller animals, the other neighborhood animals humbly and lovingly let me know they liked me giving more honor to them. Even though I did, I would put on disposable gloves and placed the deceased animal in a plastic bag and was put in the trash can, and even though it was not a burial that we humans are used to, it pleased the other animals to give their deceased considered attention.]
    Before I went to get the gloves, the robin moved — it purposely played dead to attract the ants that were over the robins body, and the robin ate the ants that were on its body. The robin liked me enough to show me how clever it was — right before me.
    What a surprise.

    Over 1/2 a year ealiier, when I was in the hospital for over 4 weeks, my doctor, who saw me every day, told me he saw a robin in our area for the first time that did not fly south for the winter.
    As the years followed, more robins, also, stayed for the winter, they would travel in flocks together, and the robins especially lived on the winter berries on the bushes and trees.
    The mockingbirds that I have known have a distinct beautiful song that they sing when they are around me, even though they also mimick other birds, insects, and amphibians.
    The mockingbird does not associate with other birds and likes to be a loner and a fighter.
    The mockingbird won’t eat birdseed, peanuts, and the like.
    One mockingbird liked me enough that it flew up to my hand and affectionately moved its bill right next to my finger (a morning dove and a downy woodpecker did the same at different times).
    Near the front porch there was a number of holly trees with red berries on them during the winter; one winter a mockingbird had established its territory on the front porch; a flock of winter robins, whom I like, as well, came to the front porch area; the “lone ranger” mockingbird took on the entire flock and was winning; I let the mockingbird know to treat the robins nicely; unfortunately, the mockingbird thought I preferred the robins over the mockingbird, and the mockingbird left and did not come back.

    I was on the back porch, and a robin brought its 2 adolescent robins to be with me.

    Years later I was walking on the sidewalk, and a flock of robins wanted to be with me, because of JESUS being in my heart, after flying in, robins left their bushes and trees and came down to the ground in front of me. The robins like my attention and the way I talk to them.

    I was sitting on a porch, and a robin in the yard was exceptionally joyful toward me; I didn’t know why until the robin suddenly died of a natural cause in front of me.

    When I was looking out of my bedroom window, a robin came to the window sill looking at me and began hopping happily from one end of the window sill to the other back and forth in front of me.

    Another time a robin came to the bedroom window sill, and I talked to it, as usual.
    The robin looked up at me into my eyes, and tried to talk to me.
    The robin understood somehow what I was saying, and the robin wanted to talk with me, too, but the robin didn’t even sing, it just moved its mouth (beak) trying to talk to me but no sound came out.
    I felt sorry for this robin especially, and it has touched my heart.

    The love that these robins have!

    We have not received the spirit of the world. GOD has given us HIS HOLY SPIRIT that we may know about the things given to us by Him. 1 Corinthians 2:12 (NLV)

    Our GOD is an awesome GOD.

    The Robin is the State bird of Wisconsin and Connecticut.

    The Mockingbird is the State bird of Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas.

  12. I have found that and experienced that animals from bears to insects have, each, different personalities like humans. Animals like love. They are happy, sad, or fearful. If wild animals trust you (as they have a natural man-fearing spirit, which God has orderly given them), they will like to visit you and sometimes show you things about them that they have not shown other human beings. I have found that a number of animals like to even play with me from horses to insects.

    Long before the relapse in the 1st Testimony (in the Home Page), there was a squirrel that had taken an apple and was eating it at the top of the apple tree. I yelled at the squirrel to leave, but the squirrel just sat there, as it thought it was a privilege some how for me to look at it while it ate the apple. I went into the house and got a yard stick or a broomstick, came out, and threw it like a javelin at the squirrel and hit it. The squirrel rapidly left and my neighbor complimented me on my accuracy. Weeks later, I was walking up the over 100 foot driveway, when a crippled squirrel came along near me on the bank next to the driveway and walked along with me on its crippled leg, gently wanting me to see the permanent damage I had done to it weeks earlier — this changed my understanding of God’s animals.

    The squirrel in the 1st Testimony, I named Harriet and her husband I named Harry. Both were gentle and came to me and even into the house; even so, they are wild animals and do not like the outside door closed when they are in the house. Harriet was concerning and considerate. The Holy Spirit sent Harriet, long before she was full grown to me, when I was busted up. Harriet had different appropriate expressions on her face and was a loving squirrel and liked to play.

    While I was recuperating on the front porch in the lounge chair, for one time only, about a 1/2 a dozen squirrels about the same time, came up on the porch and each with a different personality; as examples, one would come to me curiously and meekly, and another would dramatically jump on the porch with the playful attitude of “look at me, I am so special for being with you”. After watching Harriet with me, they wanted to take her place with me and be my pet squirrel only, but that was not going to happen.

    (4) “You can get your water from that stream, and I have commanded ravens to bring food to you there.” (5) So Elijah did what The Lord told him to do. He went to live near Kerith Ravine, east of the Jordan River. (6) Ravens brought Elijah food every morning and every evening, and he drank water from the stream. 1 Kings 17:4-6 (ERV)

    Harriet had a daughter, which I called Henrietta. It seemed that the extra love that God had given Harriet — He had given a double portion to Henrietta. Instead of naturally zig-zagging her way to me, Henrietta would come directly to me.

    Henrietta always retracted her claws into her paws when she was with me. Henrietta would put her paw next to my finger, and she really loved people; she would do this with my family and one of my friends, too. When I was standing, Henrietta would jump to my chest for me to hold her. Even when I was sitting on the back porch, she would climb up on my lap, and you can see Henrietta in the first pictures on this page. Henrietta would, also, climb up and sit on my shoulder without using her claws and well balanced — she smelled like a deer. The neighbors loved her. Other wild animals in the neighborhood saw her with me, too.

    While I was standing on the back porch, the neighborhood opossum came up toward the corner of the house and stopped and looked up to me to give it permission to go forward next to the house. I let the opossum know it could go ahead and then it proceeded. The opossum gently made it clear to me later, that it wanted to be my backyard pet. Even when a man in the city came down the driveway into the backyard the opossum walked right up to him to be petted. Like a pet dog, an opossum smiled with me. Opossums are related to the koala bear and the kangaroo (I was later fortunate to walk with a tall kangaroo hopping along side of me in a field, and then it hopped away).

    There was, also, a raccoon in the neighborhood who would later come up to me to cuddle. The raccoon was loving and polite and would not get into the garbage cans, as the other raccoons had done before. When I went out and lay down in the lounge chair in the backyard under the apple tree, there was a larger raccoon that liked to walk next to me in the lounge chair, climb the apple tree, and go to sleep above and near me. David Whittle, whom you may have read about a bear he fought in the 1st Testimony on the Home Page, and I left the towns and went for a ride, listening to Christian music, and ate at a picnic bench in a park down State, which we had not been to before; a raccoon came up onto the table, reached into the lunch bag like it was his privilege and quickly brought an apple out, and that was his lunch.

    Squirrels do not have rabies, but from time to time other animals carry rabies, including raccoons.

    Hazel was the next squirrel, and she would only come up onto the back porch. Hazel always had a smile on her face. Another squirrel, which I did not name, liked to come up onto the porch, around the same time as Hazel; unlike Hazel, it would like to growl when with me and was rough — it was still cute.

  13. God created animals for us to love and care for.
    Dios creó animales para que nosotros los amemos y nos cuidemos.
    Palatine, Illinois

  14. When I was not full grown, my family and I found a male house sparrow in the evening that had been hit by a car on the avenue. We took him to the basement and gently wrapped him in a rag. He appreciated what we were doing for him. He was trusting and cute. We gave him a drink of water from a thimble, which he gently accepted. The sparrow’s injury was too severe, and, sadly, he died in the morning.

    “Aren’t five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one sparrow is forgotten by God. Luke 12:6 (GNT)

    When the sparrows saw that the other animals could trust me after the relapse, they would come up to me, too. When one of the house sparrows was happy about something, it would come to me and wanted me to share its happiness, which is interesting. Unlike some of the other birds, the house sparrows do not control their poo poo as they should. and I scolded them for it. I remember a cute male sparrow, after disciplining, looked up at me to see if it was OK for him to take a bath in a newly rained water puddle; after I indicated to him it was OK, he want into the water and had fun.

    One male house sparrow brought his not full grown daughter to me a number of times, even while I was talking with a neighbor; he and his daughter were patient and cute. After the house sparrow daughter was grown more, she would come up to me and put her open beak on my big toe, when I was barefoot. If I was not outside enough for her, she would get mad at me.

    House sparrows are about 6 inches long and weigh less than 1/10th of a pound. If they like you they will fly close to you (other birds do this, too). House sparrows get along well with me and some other people. Some house sparrows like to be treated as indoor house pets, and have been treated like a parakeet. House sparrows live in different continents around the world.

    There are a number of other types of sparrows, besides the cute house sparrow. One of these is the larger white-throated sparrows, which have come up onto my windowsill, while they saw me looking out the window. The white-throated sparrow is cute, also, in its behavior before me, and likes me to look at it.

    The song sparrow is significantly smaller than the house sparrow. The song sparrow makes a loud song that lasts about 2 to 4 seconds. I went to a location at least once a week, and there was a song sparrow, which I could not see, in a tree that I walked near. It let out its loud song, and I would say hi to it. This went on for a number of occasions. Finally, when I came there again in my car, it appeared and sat close to my car. When I got out of the car, the song sparrow made a loud song to get my attention. I stood there and talked to it for awhile and the song sparrow was quite content. A mockingbird liked the interaction between the song sparrow and myself, for the following time I came there, the mockingbird basically did the same thing with me and liked it.

    I hope you are enriched by the Song, “HIS Eye is on the Sparrow” toward the top of this page.

    Lord God All-Powerful,
    my King and my God,
    sparrows find a home
    near Your altars;
    swallows build nests there
    to raise their young.

    Psalm 84:3 (CEV)

  15. God created animals and its good that He did because they all have specialized roles in the environment and in our lives.


    Chesapeake, Virginia

  16. During the time I was on the front porch after the relapse, a red-bellied woodpecker watched the other birds and wanted to be with me; however, it flew down and sat above the front door at the transom window. The red-bellied woodpecker stayed there for quite some time; it naturally feared me, but, also, wanted to be with me, because Jesus is in my heart. The red-belled woodpecker did this on different days and flew away each time. A red-bellied woodpecker, also, came up onto my bedroom windowsill, when I was near the window.

    The downy woodpecker is the smallest woodpecker in America. When I am outside, the downy woodpecker comes to a tree nearest me, and rhythmically pecks at the tree; and, watching it move on the tree is quite relaxing, and the downy woodpecker relates to me watching it. This small bird is quite loving. One time only, a downy woodpecker came down to my hand, opened its bill, and gently put the side of my finger in its mouth.

    A flicker is larger than the red-bellied woodpecker. It acts quite independent and basically does what it wants to. A flicker, as large as it is, also, came up onto my windowsill. The song of the flicker is so relaxing it “melts the bones”.

    The pileated woodpecker is a large shy woodpecker that stays away from humans. When I was walking in the park near Germantown, there was a pileated woodpecker on the backside of a large tree that liked to play peek-a-boo with me.

    Our loving God has created wonderful animals.

  17. A 4×4 A-frame was put under the largest limb of the apple tree next to the back porch, because the limb would sag more from the annual weight of the McIntosh apples.
    The tree eventually died after living for 20 to 30 years. The A-frame looked OK and stayed.
    Later I saw a big female deer lying down right under the A-frame.
    The doe looked up to me wanting me to accept her being there, while I first watched her from the window. In an evening shortly after that, the doe lay down for the night in the far corner of the backyard. I, then, lay down on the back porch bench and told her I was going to rest there while she was laying down. From that point on the doe knew she was accepted and treated the back, side, and front yard, as her home.
    I received a call from a neighbor telling me that a deer was lying down like a yard ornament on the front northeast corner of my home, showing off the house.
    She would eat and perfectly trim the backyard row of bushes and would not poop anywhere in the yard — she wanted to be accepted.
    If the doe thought she didn’t do something right in front of me, should become embarrassed and try to gently correct it.
    This intelligent creature GOD Created was tall and stately up close.
    The doe liked the way I talked to her with JESUS in my heart, and showed it in her eyes.
    She left for awhile and came back later into the yard with 2 partially grown fawns. The fawns liked the way I talked to them, too, and had love for me.
    One of the fawns was a male, and after growing up would come back to play. The buck now with antlers thought it was fun to knock over the bird bath. After either fixing or replacing the bird bath a number of times, I became angry. The next time he knocked over the bird bath, I marched right up to the playful buck with my nose close to his nose and told him to stop, & immediately he bolted away and I never saw him again.
    I love GOD and honor HIM.

    Chaplain Phil

  18. When I was a child, my parents took me to Yosemite National Park a couple of times.
    After we came out of the tunnel entering Yosemite, we would park in front of a low rock wall, to view the magnificent Yosemite valley, and a cute, friendly chipmunk would come on to the rock wall right up to the people, and to my hand.
    Each time we went to Yosemite, I rode on Diamond the pony, which I still pleasantly remember.

    Ponies are smaller than horses.
    Ponies are friendly and intelligent, and they have a broader forehead than horses.
    A number of ponies know how to & do open and close their stalls.

    More recently, I was travelling on a beautiful country road in Kentucky, where I had been before at different times, shortly after dawn.
    As I came to a right angle bend in the road, there was a pony leading a row of horses on a worn path out of the woods, out on to the road, and back to their horse farm.
    They walked uniform, quiet, and fast without trotting.
    As organized as they were, it seems that the pony lets the horses out and brings them back every morning.
    There were no people around.
    Based upon what I had seen at other times of other animals that they owned, the owners there love their animals a lot.

    GOD Loves children and ponies & chipmunks.

  19. When i was younger, my dad took me to Camp American Legion in Wisconsin and they had the most friendly chipmunks; they would literally climb on you and hang out.
    Animals are amazing, because they are beautiful creatures.
    Madison, Wisconsin

  20. Last winter, my car went off the road and the damage to my vehicle prevented the engine from starting again.
    Not having my phone, possibly not visible from the road any longer, and without heat it is fair to say I was in a potentially dire situation. Seeking comfort in Jesus, Who I knew was with me, I spoke to Him – comfortably, as I always do – “God, looks like I’ve gotten myself in a pickle again. Please grant me some aid or some insight in what I should do”. Not long after, I saw a light, not a metaphysical light, but a flashlight.
    I was discovered by a man walking his dog. He had a phone and we were able to call for help. While we waited, I asked what brought him out here. He said he was taking his dog for a walk and simply chose a direction and eventually came upon me. I can’t help but thank Jesus for influencing the man’s choice of direction. He could have gone anywhere but instead came straight to me and saved me from a long, cold, and possibly dangerous night.
    Thank you, Jesus. Yet again, You were looking out for me.

    Rapid City, South Dakota

  21. When I was around 7 years old, I rushed around a street corner and out of a rock wall a number of yellowjackets flew from their nest at me, and I was stung a number of times.

    Yellowjackets are aggressive and will mark a person & pursue; unlike the honey bee the yellowjacket can sting multiple times. They are “crazy” about sugars and carbohydrates.

    Too many times yellowjackets would come and aggressively “bug” me, especially when I was eating outside. One time I was having lunch at a picnic table, and a yellowjacket, boldly came right into my food and aggressively threatened me. I told it to leave & the yellowjacket did not obey me, as other animals would; and, I killed it.

    They swarmed around me like bees, but they burned out as quickly as a brush fire; by the power of THE LORD I destroyed them. Psalm 118:12 (GNT)

    Later, about 2005, I was in a swimming pool with a small overhang around it; animals could get into the pool, but could not get out. I saw a yellowjacket in the pool, and I splashed it out of the pool & it landed at the edge of the swimming pool on the cement. I came up close to it with my face, because it could not fly until it dried out. and, its face was toward me. I had saved its life. Later after the yellowjacket had dried out, it gave me a flyover, just above my head, and then it left. From that time on to this day I have not been bothered by any yellowjackets!

  22. It’s good that God created animals for our pleasure and for God’s pleasure.

    Colonial Baptist church
    Wintersville Ohio

    1. God has created animals for us to appreciate His creations and value of life.

      Dieu a créé animals pour que nous apprécions Ses créations et sa valeur de vie.

  23. “Have you given the horse strength?
    Have you clothed his neck with thunder?
    Can you make him afraid like a grasshopper?
    The glory of his nostrils is awesome.
    He paws in the valley and rejoices in his strength; Job 39:26 (MEV)

    When I was growing up in Kentucky, a neighbor had a large pasture land, with one horse, a stallion, living on it. I would go over to his fence, and he would come up to me.

    It is fun to go to State parks and go horseback riding, where available, and, also, see areas on horseback that are not visible from roads. President Reagan liked horseback riding, too.

    Remember the free pony that I saw in the morning near the country road in Kentucky in this Chapter 6 comments? Nearby on another day, I was driving on the same road near where the pony was, and there was a fenced in horse that whinnied to me, as I was driving by after the curve. There was no other cars, so I stopped & backed up the car some to talk to it, and the horse liked it and the attention, and after awhile I said nicely good-by. After you finish this chapter, in Chapter 7, you can read about something similar with 2 horses & the special event that happened.

    I would take breaks and go down to the Bluegrass country in Fayette County and the counties surrounding it and sometimes take a friend with me. It is a special place and there is no other place in the world like it.

    Near Georgetown, Kentucky is the Kentucky Horse Park, which is fascinating to go to, and where Queen Elizabeth (whom you can later see in Chapter 11 – Lambeth Palace) visited. From their stable, I rode a perky & fast horse on a fairly long trail in the bluegrass country, including young thorougbreds coming up to their fence to watch me ride by, and the trail in Bluegrass country was surreal and a one-of-a-kind experience. A friend of mine, who has Prayed for me every day, built his own banjo and his Christian bluegrass band played at the Kentucky Horse Park.

    At other times in the Bluegrass country, I would go right up the driveways of the magnificent horse farms. The owners let me know I could feed the horses, as long as I pulled grass to feed them and not spoil them with an apple or a carrot. The thorougbreds I fed liked being with me and were graceful for their large size.

    At a family reunion in Ohio there was a horse pasture. The horse came up, and I went over and spent time with the likeable horse. In awhile, the horse got down on its forelegs for me to ride. Bareback riding is fun with by having legs firmly on the horse; steering the horse is easy by using a good horses mane to go left or right and pulling back gently on the mane to stop.

    Horses have different personalities, and there are some fine horses.

    And I saw Heaven open, and behold a white horse, and He that sat upon him was called Faithful And True, and He judgeth and fighteth righteously.

    And His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns: and He had a name written, that no man knew but Himself.

    And He was clothed with a garment dipped in blood, and His name is called, THE WORD OF GOD.

    And the hosts which were in Heaven, followed Him upon white horses, clothed with fine linen white and pure.

    Revelation 19:11-14 (The Geneva Bible 1599 — This is the same Holy Bible that the Puritans used when came over on the Mayflower to Plymouth, Massachustts)

  24. The second that my daughter was born, I then learned what God’s love is and I was enlightened to teach my family the word of God.
    Milpitas, California

  25. One day when the crowds were being baptized,
    JESUS HIMSELF was baptized.

    As HE was Praying,
    the heavens opened,
    in bodily form,
    descended on HIM like a dove.

    And a Voice from heaven Said,
    “YOU are MY dearly Loved SON,
    and YOU bring ME great joy.”

    Luke 3:21,22 (NLT)
    My first closer encounter with a dove was when I woke up with a mourning dove cooing on my bedroom window sill.

    It was comforting.

    Unlike white doves,
    mourning doves will fight other birds when annoyed.

    A little later,
    a pair of doves built a nest right outside my dining room window in the holly tree and raised their young there.

    When I was outside,
    their nest was about as high as my chest,
    and they allowed me to approach the nest without flying away.

    This went on for years.

    Finally I went up to the mourning dove on the nest and petted the dove.

    The dove did not fly away,
    but the next year & afterwards,
    they did not build the nest there again.

    Once a mourning dove not on a nest nestled its face against my index finger,
    but a mourning dove does not want us to approach & touch it — if there is any touching,
    the mourning dove is the one that does it.

    Similar & later a man told me that mourning doves nested next to his home ever year,
    and he cried in front of me,
    when he told me that the pair of doves did not come back the next year,
    after he touched one on the nest.
    The white dove is really a “lovey-dovey”.
    I have petted white doves and they liked it.

    The white dove is, also, gentle and loyal.

    If you have time to treat them right and want pet birds,
    I would recommend a pair of white doves over about any other birds.
    Oh, that I had wings like a dove;
    then I would fly away and rest!

    Psalm 55:6 (NLT)

  26. I was feeling broken and on my way to another day of work. Before pulling out onto the main road, I said, “God, I need a miracle.” and pulled out right in front of someone; the car must’ve been in my blind spot and somehow he missed me.

    Hayden, Idaho

  27. Believe in God first and then you can believe in yourself. Love God first and then you can love yourself. Because without Him to understand your spirit being you’re empty spirituallly, emotionally, physically and mentally.
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

  28. It’s amazing how only God can resurrect what is figuratively and naturally dead.
    In my case it was my marriage that flatlined but by the grace and word of God, He resurrected it.
    Jesus said to Jairus the temple official – whose daughter died – don’t fear, just believe. – Mark 5:35-43

    When I read Mark 5:35-43 I realized that the relationSHIP I was in with my wife and best friend for over 30 years was really dead.
    This was a fearful reality.
    I was also confronted with either believing in what I could see with my own eyes and emotions or believe in the corner stone of life…Jesus the living Word of life.

    At through hard times we can’t forget that Jesus is in the relationSHIP with us during the life threatening storms.
    When I realized my relationSHIP was sinking fast, I began to cry out to God for help.
    He helped me get rid of all the unnecessary weights (all my worldly sin fullness and unGodly passions) that I knew was contributing to the sinking of the relationSHP.

    Within six years of trying to be like Christ (the husband) is to us the church (the wife). Ephesians 5:22-32.
    My relationSHIP (which I thought was not perfect but getting better or heading in the right direction) got worse.
    My wife left me!
    What just happened?

    It was like I woke Jesus up and cried out to Him, don’t you care about this relationSHIP?
    It looks like at any moment the relationSHIP is going to come to a terrible end.
    Jesus stood up and said to the waves (of life), and the storms (of life) to shut up and calm down.
    Then He turned to His disciples (me also) and said, where is your faith? – Mark 4:35-41

    Why did He look his closest companions in the eyes and say where is your faith?

    Because He wanted them to grow up!
    He wanted them (as well as me) to take my mustard seed of faith (in what Jesus teaches me to say and do) to stand up and command the waves and storm of my life to shut up and calm down.

    After a year and a half of:
    Reading the stories from the Bible, Speaking everyday what the Bible scriptures/promises say., Praying the scripture/promises, Praising / Singing to God, Creating an atmosphere of Love around me, Dying to myself, Letting God fight my battles, Going out of my way to do nice deeds for her, Letting God fight my battles, Not giving up on God’s word, Understanding God’s heart concerning marriage, Expecting a miracle and believing only what God’s word said about marriage, Not dwelling on the negatives and coldness of my wife, Visualizing how God saw us.

    After doing all those important things, my wife handed me divorce papers.
    I told her thank you.
    Later on I escorted the divorce papers to the garbage.
    Looking up to God I just thank Him for what He promised He would do for my wife and I by His words.

    Months later, unexpectedly, my wife called me on a Sunday morning and asked to rebuild our marriage.
    I said sure.
    But I ask her why now?
    What changed?
    She told me various things like:
    Something lifted off of me, It was like I was (my wife) Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4:25-30), God was talking to me everyday, You were so kind all through our time apart how were you able to do that?

    So don’t give up my friend!!!
    You will make it to the other side (a safe place).
    God said He would never leave you or forsake you. – Hebrews 13:5.
    He didn’t say trust in what people say or do.
    Or what our situation or the facts are saying.
    He said don’t fear just believe.

  29. I was driving home one night & randomly thought to myself, “What if someone were to T-bone right now?” & as I’m about to cross the intersection, there was a cop coming full speed, that if he would’ve hit me, probably would’ve killed me.
    But Jesus stepped in & we both slammed on the brakes & I made it home safely.


  30. When I was 7 years old I was hit by a car in Ocean City, New Jersey.
    I was told that I died in the ambulance for about 10-15 seconds,
    but Jesus knew it was not my time to leave this earth and brought me back,
    and I am forever thankful.



  31. Animals knew God’s love the day before we were created.
    We learn God’s love and they inherently know God’s love!


  32. When I was in labor with my first baby I went in at 8:30 am.

    By the wee hours of the next morning nothing was happening.

    The nurses had told me not to bear down.

    Probably between 4 & 5 a nurse came in and talked to me very sweetly and told me to bear down!

    I told her I didn’t know how!

    She told me, so I did!

    When the regular nurse came to check me next time I was dilated quite a bit.

    I had my baby at 6:30 am.

    Afterwards I asked my mother, “Did a nurse come in and talk to me between the times they checked me?”, and she said, “No, but I was praying!”.

    And I know that that nurse was an angel!



  33. I was in a car accident and totaled my car.
    I was prevented from going over the mountain by the rail.
    I walked away from the accident with no injuries!
    Jesus my Lord and Savior saved me!

    Tonya from Hobbs, New Mexico

  34. My ex husband and I were trying to retrieve furniture from a two story shed in a friend’s back yard.
    The stairs were wooden, worn, with no railing.
    We thought we’d left our three year old safely in the house.
    Our friend had a small dog.
    The dog followed us.
    Our daughter followed the dog.
    We we’re trying to figure out how to move the furniture when we heard little finger nails scratching the walls of the shed outside.
    We ran out already crying because there was a pile of bricks easily 5-6 ft in diameter beneath the 13-14 ft fall from the stairs.
    But somehow she landed on the other side…. Without a scratch and giggling!
    MAYBE an adult could have made that jump… But not a 3 year old girl!
    Oklahoma City

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