Chapter 6 – A Trusting Squirrel and Many Others Of GOD’s Loving Animals

God Has Given Approval — Chapter 6 is dedicated to the loving animals that God Has Created!


squirrel 1

squirrel 2





Dr. William Abraham graduated from Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.

He has specialized in heart failure & heart transplants.

Dr. Abraham has appeared in

The New England Journal of Medicine,

The Lancet,

The Journal of American Medical Association,


The European Heart Journal,

and The Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

He is in Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers list and as one of the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds.

After letting him see the cardiologist documentary, “To Hell and Back” (before I put it in Chapter 12 for you of this Testimonies and Miracles), Dr. Abraham sincerely liked it.

He read all of the book “How To Love GOD More” and highlighted it for his staff (before I put it in the preceding Chapter 5 – Experiences In Obeying The Greatest Commandment and Love for you).

After reading the “Testimony and Miracles” before it was put in Chapter 1 of this Testimonies and Miracles, Dr. Abraham was impressed by the Miracles that Jesus has been doing for me and wanted me to write more of the animals that God has brought into my life, which you will be able to see after you click on the “Older Comments” later in the “Thoughts” (Comments) section, Chaplain Phil ✝.




After I went through a tragedy at the end of 1985, God did not like what happened to me, and He Sent the wild animals to me!

The animals showed me new things and some bordering on the fantastic.

Though many naturally feared me, the wild animals came to love me and trust me.

Animals have feelings similar to us humans — they have fear and anger, if they do something awkward, they become embarrassed, and they have a surprising amount of intelligence and love.

The wild animals loved the genuine love I had for them.

God their Creator Has Made animals special — from even insects to large mammals.




Who provideth for the raven his food? when his young ones cry unto God        

Job 38:41a (KJV)




 What a large number of things You have made, O Lord!
    You made them all by wisdom.
     The earth is filled with Your creatures.

Psalm 104:24 (GW)




You created all of them
    by Your Spirit,
    and You give new life
    to the earth.

Psalm 104:30




Let every created thing give praise to The Lord, for He issued His command, and they came into being.

Psalm 148:5 (NLT)




Those who are righteous treat their animals humanely,
  but the compassion of the wicked is really inhumane.

Proverbs 12:10 (VOICE)



“Call to Me, and I will answer you; I will tell you wonderful and marvelous things that you know nothing about.

Jeremiah 33:3 (GNB)




Then I heard every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and in the sea, and all that are in them, saying:

“To Him Who sits on the throne and to The Lamb
    be blessing and honor and glory and power,
        forever and ever!”

Revelation 5:13 (MEV



Dino Kartsonakis is from New York.

He played at Carnegie Hall.

Dino was the pianist for Kathryn Kuhlman for many years.

He won the Grammy Award.

Dino, also, won the international Dove Award twice for Album of the Year & 5 times for Instrumentalist of the Year.



4 HIM has won 7 international Dove Awards.

4 HIM attended Evangel College in Missouri.

“Like a deer panting for the water . . .”




After I went through a tragedy at the end of 1985, God did not like what happened to me, and He Sent the wild animals to me!

The animals showed me new things and some bordering on the fantastic.

Though many naturally feared me, the wild animals came to love me and trust me.

Animals have feelings similar to us humans — they have fear and anger, if they do something awkward, they become embarrassed, and they have a surprising amount of intelligence and love.

The wild animals loved the genuine love I had for them.

God their Creator Has Made animals special — from even insects to large mammals.



From Virginia’s 1776 State Constitution:

“It is the mutual duty of  all to practice Christian forbearance, love, and charity towards each other.”, written by James Madison and George Mason.



James Madison was the 4th President of the United States of America and was responsible for much of the United States Constitution and The Bill Of Rights.



George  Mason was another Founder of America and he, also, contributed to The Bill Of Rights.









Please enrich yourself by reading all of the Replies below (except for the foreign languages that you may not know).





105 thoughts on “Chapter 6 – A Trusting Squirrel and Many Others Of GOD’s Loving Animals

  1. Animals knew God’s love the day before we were created.
    We learn God’s love and they inherently know God’s love!


  2. When I was in labor with my first baby I went in at 8:30 am.

    By the wee hours of the next morning nothing was happening.

    The nurses had told me not to bear down.

    Probably between 4 & 5 a nurse came in and talked to me very sweetly and told me to bear down!

    I told her I didn’t know how!

    She told me, so I did!

    When the regular nurse came to check me next time I was dilated quite a bit.

    I had my baby at 6:30 am.

    Afterwards I asked my mother, “Did a nurse come in and talk to me between the times they checked me?”, and she said, “No, but I was praying!”.

    And I know that that nurse was an angel!



    1. I was carrying around a lot of guilt for many months.
      One day when I got home from work, I sat down and decided to watch some TV.
      Of all the channels with different types of programs, what was on was on was Billy Graham talking about “How to be right with GOD”.
      A huge weight was Lifted off me and I had a feeling of being set free!!!
      I began reading the Bible and decided to attend a nearby church.
      THE LORD led me to a group of spiritual mentors and they helped me find ways to use my spiritual gifts.
      I have been so by seeing miracles that happened to me and others I was led to minister to.
      Every day I thank GOD and praise HIM for what HE has done for me with the many blessings HE has given to me.
      KY Billy

  3. I was in a car accident and totaled my car.
    I was prevented from going over the mountain by the rail.
    I walked away from the accident with no injuries!
    Jesus my Lord and Savior saved me!

    Tonya from Hobbs, New Mexico

  4. My ex husband and I were trying to retrieve furniture from a two story shed in a friend’s back yard.
    The stairs were wooden, worn, with no railing.
    We thought we’d left our three year old safely in the house.
    Our friend had a small dog.
    The dog followed us.
    Our daughter followed the dog.
    We we’re trying to figure out how to move the furniture when we heard little finger nails scratching the walls of the shed outside.
    We ran out already crying because there was a pile of bricks easily 5-6 ft in diameter beneath the 13-14 ft fall from the stairs.
    But somehow she landed on the other side…. Without a scratch and giggling!
    MAYBE an adult could have made that jump… But not a 3 year old girl!
    Oklahoma City

  5. It’s good that God created animals, as well, so that we might appreciate His creativity in various ways, and that we might exercise our dominion over the earth (Genesis) in stewardship of living creatures.

    Lebanon Ohio

  6. I have been struggling financially and mentally

    and felt like Jesus wasn’t there for me;

    and, on my way home from work,

    I was crying and yelled to God that I felt like I was drowning,

    and at that moment,

    the words from Lauren Daigle said “I will rescue you”.

    That is when I knew He had been there the whole time,

    and now I am financially stable and in the best mental state

    I have been in for awhile.


  7. Jesus has always helped me through difficult times and even in my greatest moments..

    I had a dream of my friend passing away a day before he passed,

    and I believe God showed me this,

    and I directed my prayer for him,

    and I felt like God knew I loved him,

    and He gave me the chance to pray over him before he transitioned.

    Milford, Connecticut

  8. My family and I have had an incident that has prevented us from being in our home during the holidays.

    I prayed to God one day I was feeling overwhelmed and of course he answered days later!

    Although we can’t be home we have each other, a car, other family members that have helped and fortunate enough to still have a roof over our head while others may not! It’s the small things!

    Oklahoma City 🖤

  9. Animals are a wonderful creation.

    I think part of the reason animals are here is to complete our environment and our world that has been given to us by The Lord.

    I think they were a huge part of His ultimate design for us.

    They are a huge contributor to our survival.

    I also think a deeper purpose would have been for a less emotionally dependent companion.

    Humans are emotional,
    and I think we were gifted animals as a friend to get us through this temporary life, with less emotional strain.

    Limerick Maine

  10. Animals are beautiful.

    Their colors, their sizes, their beings — all a sign of just how amazing The Lord can be.

    From the colors of a peacock to the size of a whale — God is real.


  11. I believe God created animals to provide us food, clothing and comfort!
    We have a dog, and she is well blessed and considered as part of our family!

    Monticello, Utah

  12. I believe God created animals to give sustenance, provide companionship, trust and love, and clothing.

    That is what God teaches us!

    Buffalo, Oklahoma

    1. On a cold December day almost 4 years ago, I became the new owner of a Siberian Husky pup.
      Upon long thought I named her Nanuk. (Eskimo for white bear in Alaska).

      This is where the story begins!

      I made an appointment with my vet to have a chip put in her, in case she needed to be identified later.
      Upon close inspection we realized, she had been shot twice in the hip.
      I made an appointment to have the bullets removed.
      After surgery we went home, and after a week I noticed the leg had started to stiffen out straight.
      After different veterinarians’ opinions, it looked like the bullets hit the nerves and killed the leg.
      The leg had to come off.
      We had the surgery and after a week or so, she was all speed ahead.

      I started to notice that she was different, very sensitive to others needs, so she and I went into training; and, she became a service dog in Emotional Support.
      We travel around and she brings happiness and support to amputees or anyone needing some love.

      This is one of many stories of love. . .
      One morning we set out to Walmart for some shopping time.
      We started down an aisle, and a woman stopped us in tears, over
      losing her beloved pet.
      She felt she might never get over it.
      Nanuk stood up, went over to the woman, kneeled at her feet, looked her straight in her eyes, and kissed her hand….by this time the people in the aisle were in tears.

      Nanuk has a gift, and I’m sure this gift is from God.
      I let her with her sensitivity love individuals and watch in astonishment every time it happens.

      D C Rikard
      Sand Springs, Oklahoma

      1. There are “those amongst us” that hold special attributes.

        You had that ability to see that Nanuk was a very special young lady.

        Even with all that faced both of you, you stayed the course.

        To think of the joy you have given to those who needed it most and those to come, is amazing!

        Thank you for taking care of God’s flock.

        Sending much love and admiration,

        D Millar

  13. I believe in God!

    2020 has been a truly difficult year.

    My mom passed away, my husband became disabled, and my house burned down.

    But I know that Jesus is my Savior and protects me.

    Thank You dear, Heavenly Father for showing me Your miracles. Amen


  14. I’ll continue to pray that others will come to Christ, for without Him our lives are nothing.
    Praise God !

    Valerie Lee
    Gary, Indiana

  15. Although I haven’t had an specific miracle happen to me. I know God and Jesus help me make all the decisions I make on my life and help me be a better person.

    Aunque no me ha pasado ningún milagro especí que Dios y Jesus me ayudan a tomar las desiciones en mi vida y me ayudan a ser una persona mejor

    Bogotá, Colombia
    [South America]

  16. Animals were created by God so He could show us that He also loves all living creatures.

    Los animales fueron creados por Dios para demostrar que ama a todos los seres vivos.

    Bogotá, Colombia
    [South America]

  17. God has helped me in dealing with my anxiety and bringing me peace when I’ve worried too much in the past.


  18. God helped me in my darkest hour.

    I was on drugs, having a bad trip, and evil was after me.

    I started saying The Lord’s Prayer, and Jesus protected me and even though I had been sinning, Jesus loved me.

    Jesus got me clean and off of drugs.

    Jesus has given great love to me.


    St. Petersburg

  19. THE HOLY SPIRIT Told me to move to a different part of the country.

    I checked for a moving company, and the least expensive of the reputable moving companies would cost me $15,000 to $30,000, depending on whether the moving company would be able to make the move in one or two trips.

    I called a reliable trucking company and asked how much for me to rent their largest truck, and I was told about $1,000 to $2,000, which I was going to go along with.

    As I was making preparations for the move, that same trucking company called me “out of the Blue” 10 days later, and offered me a reduction in the price considerably below $1,000!

    After loading the big truck with the help of 2 men and a woman, I drove the truck, which was the same height as the 18 wheelers, alone to my new home where a different crew helped me unload the big truck.

    About the 4th day, I drove the truck back alone to the original terminal, and was given a non-expected refund of hundreds of dollars!

    In JESUS’s Love,
    Chaplain Phil ✝

  20. God has helped me through all of my difficult times,
    and He has never left my side.

    When I’ve been at my worst He’s always guided me through the right path.

    He is always by my side and will never forsake me.



  21. God’s animal kingdom keeps our world balanced and gives people something to care for other than themselves.


    Dwight, Kansas

  22. The Imperials have had a #1 hit for 12 weeks on a number of charts.

    They have been inducted into the Gospel Music Hall Of Fame.

    The Imperials won 4 Grammy Awards.

    They won 15 international Dove Awards.

  23. Later you can read more about White Heart and my visit with them at “The Flame Passes On” in Chapter 10 — Our Christian Brothers, Sisters, and Children including, “Safely Home”, with Steve Green and VOM

  24. Trusting God when my mother was in a car accident and just feeling His touch on me,
    letting me know that she was fine!




  25. Scott Wesley Brown has toured in over 50 nations.

    I’ve dedicated the above Song to Dr. David Livingstone and Mary Slessor,
    Chaplain Phil Osborne ✝

    Dr. David Livingstone left Scotland for Africa and became the most famous Christian missionary and explorer in history.

    He got along with the animals,
    especially the lions,
    except when he had to shoot one to protect a native.


    Mary Slessor was, also, from Scotland.

    When she heard Dr. Livingstone had died,
    she became a Christian missionary for Africa.

    This pure and holy woman courageously and boldly went to where no white person had gone before and converted restless natives to JESUS,
    so that they would, also, have eternal life.

    GOD Made the wild animals get along with her.

  26. Telling others about The Lord having a very positive influence with others,
    and seeing the effect it has on people works wonders!



  27. Trusting GOD was the best thing I ever did.

    HE is so powerful.

    HE took me in when I was hurting.

    All of the pain I had HE helped me heal from.

    HE took a weight off my shoulders.

    I accepted HIM as my LORD and SAVIOR.

    Confiar en DIOS fue lo mejor que he hecho.

    ÉL es tan poderoso.

    ÉL me acogió cuando estaba sufriendo.

    Todo el dolor que tenía ÉL me ayudó a sanar.

    ÉL me quitó un peso de los hombros.

    Lo acepté como mi SEÑOR y SALVADOR.

    Marina Trevizo

  28. I have felt God’s comforting presence in my life on many occasions.

    He is the rock that we stand on.


    West Virginia

  29. My favorite Christian Song is WADE IN THE WATER, GOD’S GONNA TROUBLE THE WATER!
    – Dante



  30. When in the second grade,
    my mother and I were traveling back through Kansas from visiting my grandmother.

    It started to down pour rain,
    and a man lost control of his vehicle next to us.

    He then hit us a number of times and 2 other cars.

    All cars were totaled,
    but our car was hit the most.

    Thanks to JESUS everyone in our vehicle including our dogs were unharmed and our vehicle had minor damage!

    This saved us as my mother was a single mom of 2 at the time,
    and she would not have been able to afford medical bills or repairs on the vehicle.

    Lela Vaughn

  31. It is good that God created animals for companionship and as a way for food…

    Linda Lopez

    Corpus Christi


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